Reform or Revolution

I stand at a precipice

Between a new genesis 

A chance to rewrite

To cause the night 

To finally fall over the scene

And the day to rise on a world that’s clean.


Or not

To only work to unravel a knot

On a rope that might be best to cut 

So we may all be free from the gut

Of a beast


But what would that entail

To slay the dragon without fail

I might be able to garner some with a clever verse

But others will certainly rise to deliver a curse

Against me and my kin

As if we were the only ones with sin


Fellow countryman and family 

Who claim to be so nattily 

Will treat us like a calamity 

To their sacred reality


But their world isn’t so pure

And though they try to obscure

The centuries of torment they inflicted

The peoples they evicted 

The behaviors they restricted 

And the souls they conflicted

We know, we remember


So what if we cut ties

Allow the bonds to die

Play the devil to their god

And finally break the rod

They have struck us with 


For in enacting our coups

What exactly do we lose?


And yet that voice whispers

“No, no, mend the fissures

Don’t strive for exemption,

But rather redemption”

I don’t know the source

Of the voice directed to reinforce

My hesistation


Does it belong to the god of the faith I’ve abandoned?

Memories of people I have long forgotten?

Regardless, I have listened

And now I’m tempted


Maybe wrongs can be mended

Without the society at fault ended

Maybe, for the people who are hostile

It is worthwhile

To try to bring them into the fold

Once they are told

Our list of grievances


Our systems aren’t inflexible

And as we reach the pinnacle 

Of our strength

Then perhaps, after this struggle of great length

The world would be better


Still, plenty of people thought the same 

And though it is justice they exclaim

Did they ever achieve an ultimate victory?

Give the wrongs a final valedictory?

No they didn’t, the sins still precipitate

The new form, our actions facilitate. 


What is this voice anyway, an evil angel or a righteous devil?

Bent on lowering me to an acceptable level

Where I’m choked by civility

My virility replaced by docility.

So the world can go on unchallenged, as I’m expected to embrace futility.


Nay, Nay I say

But yet, I’m astray

And left with a choice

On what to do with my voice.

Do I advocate merely change, or a society’s annihilation?

Do I pursue redemption, or a final solution?

Am I for reform, or revolution?

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